If you have yet to check out Black Panther, the Marvel comic turned movie, you are really missing out on an experience of a lifetime.... 

Prior to the release of the movie, most were not aware of the Black Panther comic strip that first surfaced in 1966. 

Black Panther is the story of a young Prince turned King of Wakanda after his father is murdered.  

T'Challa is a royal descendent of a warrior race who is also a master of armed combat with the ability to use a variety of weapons but prefers unarmed combat instead. He's not only good looking & strong but also very intellectual who always anticipates his next move in order to go above & beyond in order to achieve his goals & advance the kingdom of Wakanda. 

He faces adversity when an estranged relative shows up to challenge T'Challa for the reign of the throne for the Wakandan empire. 

Black Panther has an outstanding cast that is highlighted by the strength of women warriors who lead the frontline in battle. 

This is one for the history books, check out Black Panther ASAP at your local theater & take the kiddos with you!! 

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