Marshaun Travis

Shaun Juan, born Marshaun C. Travis is quite an enigma. Growing up being raised hastily on Chicago’s south side, dually by his lovely  mother and various musical influences ranging from the soulful sounds of the 60’s,smooth melodic R&B and rock of the 70’s, to the Revolutionary and captivating reality infused quips of Hip-hop of the 1980’s & 90’s. His first early dreams of being a music superstar came quickly at the age of 5 when he entered his first talent show alongside his two brothers. He began penning his first raps a few years later at the age of 8 . As a late-teen he evolved his passion for writing rhymes and began his journey as a recording artist, even briefly landing a Record  contract with a local Chicago-based recording company. He spent the first 6-7 years of the 2010’s continuing to pursue his dream as a rapper, after parting ways with his label. He eventually brought his music recording pace to a halt. He still always retained his passion for music and entertaining people and that passion led him to finally taking a step into achieving a long-time childhood dream of being an on-air radio personality, which propelled him to Enroll at the Illinois Media School where he is currently enrolled and the Host of his own radio show ,the 7_7 Sauce on