3 tips to getting that summer body you want

Summer is right around the corner. I always hear everyone talking about getting that summer body. So here are 3 simple steps to help you get that summer body. 

1)  Drink water

If you cut out soda and alcohol and drink water I can guarantee you will see a huge difference. Water is such a good source for us I mean our body is made up of mostly water. They say you should drink about a gallon a day. Which is like 8 bottles of water. 

2) Portions

Cut your portions in half. In the US especially our portion sizes are way too large. So say for lunch or dinner you eat 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut that in half only have one. It seems like something small. This is such a huge part ask anyone who works out. They will tell you your diet and what you eat is far more important than any exercise.

3) Exercise


Exercise is a big part. It depends what you want your summer body to look like if you are looking for that tone look lift lighter weights with more sets example curls do 3 sets of like 20 times with a set of 20 lbs dumbbells. If you are looking to lose weight cardio, cardio, cardio. Try doing some cardio if you can do about 30 minutes of cardio a day it will help. Also look up some abb routines on YouTube or Instagram. I do this all the time it is such a big help. 

So in closing if you drink water and cut out soda and alcohol, cut your portions in half and exercise. You should be well on your way to getting that summer body. It does take time it can be hard but if you want it but in the work. Come summer you will be looking mighty fine. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Jumbojoez Also but sure to tune into Bard Yard Radio on the edgeonair.com Thursday from 6-8.-Joe Zalewski

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  • Candi Gomez
    Candi Gomez
    Awesome tips! Thank you Joe

    Awesome tips! Thank you Joe

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