Beyon-say whaaat??

So, Beyonce announced she is pregnant again. Of course the internet, following protocol, went nuts. While this is her second pregnancy, Bey and Jay ( Bay? Jey? lol) will welcome their second AND third child to the world. That’s right, twins. Queen Bey announced the news with a picture on social media. Three things stuck out from that, not including her belly. First off I took it as a way of avoiding the controversy of the last pregnancy, when people questioned whether or not she was actually preggo. Second, the picture had me imagining all the memes would come from this. The internet is, after all, is undefeated. Lastly, I noticed that with all the drama going on in the world, people will grasp at anything to forget their problems. To that I say, “Let them eat cake!” -Josh Buckhalter

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