Brian Urlacher "Hall of Famer"

Congratulations to Brian Urlacher for being a first ballot hall of famer! For those of us who grew up watching him play, he needs no introduction. For those who did not get to watch him play he was easily one of the if not the most dominant forces on defense during his tenure with the Chicago Bears. Usually a team's game plan for the other defense as a whole, but they had to game plan specifically for Brian Urlacher. My personal favorite "Urlacher" moment came during a game against Tom Brady and the Patriots. The defense collapsed the pocket but game Brady an opening to run up the middle. Urlacher assumed Brady was just going to slide and went for an easy tackle. Brady actually juked Urlacher! It was my favorite for 2 reasons 1. Even though he is my all time favorite Bear, it's always good to be reminded someone is human. 2. After the game he was asked about that play and if he said anything to Brady afterwards. He said that he assumed Brady was going to slide and he didn't want to hurt Brady with a full tackle. Next thing he knew he was juked by Brady. He complimented Brady on the move but finished it with you will never do that to me again. 
I'm sure everyone has an individual favorite Brian Urlacher moment and I would love to see them.

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