Honor Thy Contract

I understand that professional athletes play by a different set of rules that most "normal everyday people" never experience. The preferential treatment they receive is evident in many instances. Whether its legal issues or the way millions of people around the globe idolize them one thing is for sure they most definitely have a grandiose self awareness. One thing that drives me crazy is when an athlete signs a contract for an absurd amount of money and then only 1 year into their new deal demands even more money. Its almost comical how athletes feel that they somehow are above the law. I mean a contract is a legal binding document right? Yet athletes feel that its their right to break their newly signed contract because 1 year into it they feel that they overplayed it. The logic here is fundamentally flawed. Nowhere else in the world is it ok to break a contract especially just 1 year after signing it. Imagine if your employer gave you a contract for 5 years making $100,000 per year. However just 1 year into your 5 year deal your employer decides to pay you $50,000 a year and oh yea by the way instead of 4 years left on your contract now you have 2 years remaining. How would you feel? It doesn't work like that. Most of us "normal everyday people" make far less money every year than these athletes making tens of millions of dollars and we all figure it out. Contracts are not rules they are not meant to be broken.-Mike Straus

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