OUI Radio Blog 10.18.17

Ok so what's really with all the hype about Sweetest Day?? Ladies, are you supposed to do for your honey or is it supposed to be a day that you both take the time to recognize each other in your relationship?? 

Actually, it's neither.... 

 'Candy Day'(created in 1916), now known as Sweetest Day, was designed to be a day of resilience & persistence by acknowledging those who were less fortunate with tokens of affection. 

The goal was to encourage everyone to be generous towards others in even the smallest ways. 

It's safe to say that it's not quite that way anymore, it's seems to have become more of an isolated day that has become consumed by only doing for the one that you're in relationship with. 

This Sweetest Day & beyond, let's try to go back to the root of being 'sweet'. 

Be sweet to someone by having a listening ear & when you ask, "How are you doing?"-take the time to truly listen to their response. 

In these trying days of the world, remind someone that a little sweetness still exists. 

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