Sir Charles Barkley Vs Lebron

Lebron James and Charles Barkley exchanged words through the media outlets this week. While some may take Lebron’s side in this matter. What did Barkley say that was so wrong? Lebron is being a cry baby and whining. Lebron has been complaining about the teams lack of a “playmaking” Point Guard, and he may be right but you wouldn’t have this problem if you insist on having over paying role players. Tristian Thompson held out last training camp seeking a 5 year 80 Million dollar deal which was pushed heavily by Lebron himself. You could easily gave him less. This year with players like Jr Smith who held out for similar money and got it because that’s what Lebron wanted. Lebron here a word of advice my Grandma used to say is “You’re getting what you asked for”-Kevin Brown

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