Streep Your Opinion To Yourself

Art: The skill in conducting any human activity, or aesthetic principles containing beauty and appeal. The definition of art seems a bit vague, however I’m confident that each and every person reading this has their own idea of what art is. That being said, who is anyone to tell you what art is or isn’t. Furthermore is Meryl Streep qualified to get on stage in front of millions of people around the world and say that football and mixed martial arts are indeed not arts. Streep should stick to what she knows and clearly she doesn’t know anything about sports. As a mater of fact if you’ve seen any of her movies lately it would be difficult to classify her acting as art. I cannot stand when celebrities use their platform to express their personal vendettas. I could see if Meryl was being interviewed and she was asked a direct question about Football or MMA, and she replied “they are not arts”. Fine, I could live with that; and I think this is a non-issue then. However, she walked on stage to receive a lifetime achievement award and instead of doing what every other award recipient does (which is thank their family, friends, and anyone who helped them get there) she thought it would be a good idea to bash the president elect and discredit football and MMA as a valid art form. First off like him or not, Donald Trump is the next president of the United States of America so get over it. Secondly, her exact words were and I quote “If we kick outsiders and foreigners out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts- which are not the arts”. This statement is full of non- truths. To somehow suggest that Americans are incapable of creating art without outsiders or foreigners is beyond me. Are Americans really that talentless? football and MMA are not for everyone, and that’s fine you don’t need to be a fan of something to respect the beauty and art in it. I personally think “Momma Mia” was a complete waste of money and needless to say far from art but that’s just me Straus21.

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