Turning Fútbol into Football

It's very obvious that the world we live in runs around technology. Heck, even the sports we watch use technology to help the referees make decisions and it looks like soccer is catching on. During the semi-final of the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan between the Copa Libertadores champion Atlético Nacional and Japanese league champs, Kashima Antlers, something incredibly bizarre happened. For the first time ever, the new Video Assistant Referee was in full effect and it went the wrong way. Kashima Antlers was given a non existent penalty 3 minutes after the play actually happened. The score at the time was 0-0 so the penalty changed the game. Kashima went on to win 3-0 and some people like me say that it was thanks to the new Video Assistant Referee. This new system takes time off the game clock and slow down the pace of the game that in it's essence, is very fast. The way this is going, the game that I grew up watching will become extinct. -Alex Perez

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