Cheyenne Goss Debut "Done" Review

by: Peter Ferreri

From the onset of the song with a short but impactful vocal run, the listener knows they are going to get a solid singer in the song "Done" by new artist Cheyenne Goss.  The singular notes at the beginning allows for this to stand out, and lead you exactly where the song wants to take you. 

The pacing of the vocals takes you a bit off guard as the quickness of her vocal tempo is a nice surprise than one may not have expected. She is able to hold strong to the dictation so the listener isn't lost with this sudden change of anticipated pace. The subtle harmonies by the 3rd line or so reiterates to the listener that she can handle her own vocally.

Many times in top Country songs the refrain is a "hit you in the face" change of pace, with the title of the song standing out. This song, takes a change of pace. It makes you want to listen again and again to notice how she shares her emotion in a quieter tone while actually saying the word "Done."

There is something to be said for a singer to get so much into a song in less than 3 minutes, and in 2:43, Cheyenne hits the mark.

Her final line of singing about not having to "cry any longer" is where one may expect a bridge, but instead the background fades, and you are left once again with just the vocals standing out, and anticipating an ending that never comes, which again, is an unexpected twist in a positive way.

You are almost sad that "Done" is over when one the main highlights of the tune is the ending. But one may ask what does it leave? It leaves you wanting to hear more of this new artist, as if her further releases are anything like this, her career is far from done.

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