Commissioner Roger Goodell Answers Questions During A Press Conference

Roger Goodell and the NFL continue to make themselves look bad by stating they will seek to fine Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys 2 million dollars. The fine is for the combination of legal fees when Jones questioned whether Goodell deserved such a hefty pay raise and then threatened to sue the remaining owners for giving him the extension. I'm not sure what legal fees were accrued during this time because the case was never heard in court however there is a rule stating basically if you sue another team owner your on the hook for their legal fees. So assuming there actually were legal fees needing to be paid I don't mind that Jones would be on the hook for those fees. My issue is with part 2 of why Goodell is seeking to fine Jones 2 million dollars. For "conduct detrimental to the league," when Jones spoke out against the suspension of his star running back Ezekiel Elliot. Jones was not happy about Elliot's suspension and especially the way it was handled by the league. From every story I have read the league could not find any evidence proving the claims against Elliot and in fact the advisor they hired to investigate the claims against Elliot had recommended that no punishment should be handed down to him. Jones was understandably unhappy to find out then that Goodell still felt that 6 games was an acceptable punishment. The message that Goodell is sending right now is your either with me or against me and if you are against me I'm going to hit you with "conduct detrimental to the league". The NFL cannot seem to get out of its own way. It is the undisputed (currently) champion in popularity as far as all major sports are concerned across the nation even despite itself. I cannot see the NFL maintaining the popularity it has currently as long as Roger Goodell is in power and making sure everyone knows he is in charge. Between his excessive displays of power when handing out suspensions and fines and the imminent work stoppage I'm personally seeing the writing on the wall for the NFL. 

Greg Guther 

Chicago Indy Live


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