Country Artist Spotlight: Aaron Watson

From his cowboy hat, to his belt buckle, and all the way down to his starched jeans; Aaron Watson is a true underdog story. Born in Amarillo, Texas in 1977, Watson graduated from Randall High School there and went on to attend college at Abilene Christian. Thats where he began learning guitar and started chasing a dream that ever young boy has. His first two albums, A Texas Cafe and Shut Up And Dance, gained regional success in Texas. 

He had many more albums through out the years, with each one gaining more listeners and more fans. It wasn't until 2015 when Aaron Watson made history by releasing his latest album, The Underdog. With that album he became the first solo male artist to debut at number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart with a self-released, independently distributed, and prompted album. 

"I've always like the idea of the underdog," says Watson. "I've always liked the idea that the guy who's not supposed to win could still beat all the odds through hard work and perseverance. A lot of people are always telling us that what we're achieving in the music business is just next to impossible. I don't really consider it that way. We're just out there working hard"

And working hard is what Aaron and his band "The Orphans of the Brazos" continue to do. 

"The idea of the underdog really describes where I'm at right now in my career and what we're trying to achieve with this record," he says. "I'm not one of these guys that can put on a pair of skinny jeans and turn my hat around backwards and sing those pop country radio songs. Nothing against those guys, but if I played that role, it wouldn't be me. When I'm singing these dongs hundreds of times a year, they need to be things I personally believe in"

You can definitely hear all that, included his faith in God and the love for his wife, Kimberly when you see Watson and his band preform live. It's through hard work and determination that makes the man nicknamed "The Honky Tonk Kid" this weeks Roadhouse Country Music spotlight. 

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