Election Reaction

I’ve had about a full 24 hours to absorb the news that Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States…it still hasn’t sunk in. If you asked me 2 years ago who Donald Trump was, I would’ve told you he’s the goofy rich guy who picks fights with celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell and has a reality show. He Likes saying “You’re Fired” and has crazy hair. I’m giving you my past knowledge of Donald Trump because I truly do not know how I will think of him in the next 4 years. I voted for a 3rd party candidate no one has ever heard of because I refused to vote the lesser of two evils. Both the Democrat and Republican candidate for president would have been destroyed in any other election. Hillary lost more than Trump won in my opinion, she campaigned hardest in swing states like North Carolina and Florida. Trump campaigned hardest in traditionally Democratic states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Trump swept all the aforementioned states. 
                I fully understand everyone’s reaction: from pure jubilation, to pure fear and sadness. To Trump voters I encourage to speak peacefully with people who have opposing views now is time to make peace. Even Trump was noticeably subdued in his victory speech no “Lock her up” chants, in fact he accomplished something, in his speech, no other Republican had before. The entire crowd cheered Hillary Clinton’s effort and commitment to serving people. 
                To Clinton or 3rd Party voters I want to say I appreciate and care for you. Many minorities, LGBT members, women, social activists and others are scared right now. I have friends that fit some or all of the listed criteria. Your life matters if you’re reading this, you deserve to feel safe ALL the time. Clinton sounds optimistic, Obama sounds optimistic, even the smug façade Trump shows is beginning to crack. Let’s hope America continues to move forward for all Americans.-Matt Dahlberg

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