Goodbye Barn Yard Radio

Well what a journey this has been. Where to start well 1st I have some people to thank. I want to thank everyone at the Illinois Media School Pete Ferreri, Imran Ali, Candi Gomez, George Norwood, and Emily Petty for all allowing me to bring the greatest music you have never heard on Barn Yard Radio. It has been one heck of a journey but this chapter is closing as of today Barn Yard Radio is closing its doors. I have become more and more busy to the point where I cannot continue to do the show. I want to thank you for allowing me to come on and bring you fun wacky topics along while rocking to some awesome country artists. Speaking of which I would like to thank all the artist who allowed me to interview them from The Tin Ma, Leah Turner, Rachele Lynae, Maggie Rose, Diamond Dixie, Diana Upton Hill, Charlie Farley, Adam Searan, Jericho Woods, Ty Bates, Lance Carpenter, The Darlins, Laura McCormick, Bailey James, Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys, the Morrison brothers Band, Lockwood Barr, Corey Jackson, Sam Brooker, Sylvia Hutton, Mickey Lamantia and Shooter Jennings. I have enjoyed every moment with you all continue to rock. As I move away from Barn Yard Radio I am excited for the next chapter. And last but certainly not least to the fans and everyone who ever listened to the show I have 2 words for you Thank You without you there would not have been a Barn Yard Radio so thank you. It’s not goodbye its see you later so until the time when the bard doors open again Goodbye 

-Jumbo Joe Zalewski Host Barn Yard Radio

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