"I Believe" New track from DREAM review

"I Believe" is the new track from Girl Pop group DREAM who found success in the early 2000's with hits like "He Loves you Not" and "This is Me." They are back and this song which was debuted along the MY2K tour and released as a single on August 2nd is their defining track. Out of all previously released tracks on both their mainstream albums, "I Believe" blends all their artistic avenues with solid lyrics to back it up. They bring back a lost art form in the pre-refrain with Ashley and Diana trading off the 1st and 2nd time through with a hard and to the point spoken word mood. They also have a solid bridge with the slow down tempo and good echo harmonies with was always an undervalued strength of the girls.  Ashley shows her power as she hits the high harmony starting in the first refrain and carries it through to the end, instead of the usual, wait for the build-up until the final refrain, and have the background be 1 or 2 of the singers, and everyone else going on runs.  This song should get attention as its a true POP song, which is sometimes lost in the current scene where artists and lyricists try to do do much, and no one can decide on a tempo. They pick a tempo, they pick a message, and deliver in a unique way, that will make you want the next single to be just as strong.

- the PD, Dr. Pete Ferreri

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