Just CROSS the Bridge


Hello Humans, We are officially 113 days away from Christmas. (No I don’t have a countdown…yes I do) Anyway, we’re off topic. I’m about 9 years late (more like months) but the other day I had the pleasure of finally watching The Good Dinosaur and let me tell you, Disney/Pixar has done it again. Spoiler Alert: The movie is about a dinosaur who gets lost and has to find his way home. The reason why he gets lost is because he is trying to catch a “critter” that has been stealing the family’s food. During the first chase he loses his father to a tragic accident. When he comes across the creature again he is in a fit of rage from grief and goes after it yet again. It is because of this he gets swept away by a powerful current and end up on what seems like the other side of the world. Somehow these two opposites find there way through danger and to friendship. Long story short this particular dinosaur has a problem with fear. His father tried so hard for him to get over this normal emotion. Totally cliché but the dinosaur realizes that fear is a perfectly normal emotion it’s being brave that matters. Fear sometimes holds us back from achieving greatness. I know it’s easier said than done but if you can be brave enough to try you’ve already one. Remember no one can stop your shine but you. Don’t forget to tune in to theedgeonair.com for the greatest music you’ve never heard. Until next time America. *salute*

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