Last Days At The Wit Gaming

The last few days of Wit Gaming were just this last week. Between Super smash Brothers, Magic the Gathering, Counter Strike, Overwatch, and countless fighting games I have met so many wonderful people. During the last days, everyone who was part of the community joined together for a last hurrah. The most eventful night was Friday where the Last "ASH at Wit" was held, a Super Smash Brothers Melee and Project M tournament with well over 100 people. Old Friends came and new friends were met. Probably the most hype tournament ever hosted there. Just about every other match was an upset including one of my own. The best match to watch was probably MVZY vs Dirtboy which had the whole crowd yelling and cheering. Afterwards we all gathered for a group photo to remember the last night and all the people we had met along the way. 

Catch me next Tuesday Night for more @ 6pm! 

Alex Popp

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