LOCASH, Maggie Rose and a great night in Nashville


by Peter Ferreri

When you see the phrase "INVITATION ONLY" on a concert promotional flyer you may often think, SURE for thousands of people and the band will perform one song. However the outstanding event from BMI with the invite from Webster PR was one of the best country events I may have ever attended. Sure I have been to stadium tours for huge acts like Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts and I have been to small bar shows for 20 people like Jeremy McComb (he's great - look him up). 

I had the opportunity to not only meet some outstanding industry professionals from producers to PR reps to managers and other media members, but I got to speak and meet the stars as well, LOCASH and Maggie Rose. I have been thankful before to interview Maggie Rose on more than one occasion including an in studio show on the EDGE lounge and it was great to see her grow with her new EP "Dreams > Dollars" as she performed some of the tracks live. She prefaced the songs in a direct and encouraging way that led you waiting anxiously to hear each and every new track. To me "Body on Fire" stole the set as she performed with such passion and fervor, I couldn't want to listen again to experience those feelings once more that is something only music can do. Maggie has been a favorite artist of the EDGE and that will not stop anytime soon.

This was my first experience with LOCASH and seeing them perform felt like they transported a bar on Broadway to the rooftop of BMI. From what I heard this was the first of its kind and I am glad they are making a series out of it. They had great sponsors like SAM ADAMS, TEXAS ROADHOUSE and DICKEL. I of course tried one of the beverages from Dickel, and well, they have a new friend (may have even texted one of my directors a picture of the greatness of the drink).

LOCASH brought a fun element of their performances sometimes which get's lost in the hustle and bustle of a concert. One thing that stood out to me was even though they didn't play all their tracks, or my "favorite" of theirs - "Aint Starting Tonight" I didn't even think to myself I didn't have a great time. I know sometimes being so ingrained in music and all the tracks of particular artists, that if they don't perform one of my favorite songs I feel I missed something (At least when I saw Backstreet Boys in 2005 they sang "Siberia" and Blake Shelton that same year sang "The Baby.")

When the show was done, the outstanding part was both Maggie and LOCASH took the time to meet all the people at the event, "Press the Flesh" (which some people up north don't know what it means) and enjoy the night. As the event was about to break down I took my time overlooking the Nashville night sky and thought...I LOVE THIS LIFE.

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