Lucas the Spider

The image here is probably pretty close to what you think of when you start thinking about spiders right? Large menacing creatures that are usually the basis of most nightmares or horror flicks. What if I told you that a spider could be something that would make you go "awww"? Well an animator by the name of Joshua Slice set out to do just that. He created the character Lucas the Spider to much bigger fanfare than he could have possibly imagined. I'm a huge fan of these videos and I'm sure you will too. The link included is my personal favorite in the series. Be sure to let me know which one is yours on Twitter @chicago_indy

Greg Guther

Wednesdays 2-4


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  • Javierhunty

    Javierhunty Россия

    Ютуб - забавная штука! Собственно все!

    Ютуб - забавная штука! Собственно все!

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