Maggie Rose "Push" Review

When you listen to Maggie Rose new EP ‘Maggie Rose the Variety Show Volume 1’ it definitely stays true to its name. This EP has a variety of different sounds and arrangements. It starts with her song ‘Inevitable’ which, has such a pop kind of feel to it. It will make you get up and dance.  That is followed up by ‘Same Sky’ this is a song you will fall in love with every time you hear it. It has such a unique sound to it. It is defiantly the soul song of the EP. Next is ‘Love me more’ this song you can really feel the emotion of this song. The piano really hits home and it is a nice touch and fits the song very nicely. Warning you may want to have a box of tissues near you for this song. That is followed up by ‘Heartbreak Radio’ which, is a song about the struggle which most artist have faced trying to get their music on the radio. You can really feel the emotion from this song I absolutely love it. And at the end of thday it’s just a ‘Heartbreak Radio’.  The last song on the EP is called ‘Broken’. Broken is a song about how you may be broken but, that you can overcome being broken. As the song says ‘Tonight for the first time I feel Freedom and for the first time I don’t mind showing all my jagged pieces’.  The EP is a fantastic and shows a variety of music. Be sure to check out Maggie Rose new EP called “Maggie Rose the Variety Show Volume 1’.


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