My experience in Wrigleyville for game 7 of the World Series


Game 7 World Series Chicago Cubs you can bet there was no chance I was not going to be down in Wrigleyville for this one. I got to the game late, the scene when I got down to Wrigleyville was complete chaos. People screaming I was walking down to a bar to meet some of my friends who had been there since 4 o’clock. As I am walking I see at every window people watch the game. It was amazing to see how much this one game had enticed the entire city. By the time I got to the bar they were not letting anyone in my friends came out and we decided to try and make it to Wrigley field. This would be challenging because the street were blocked off with semi-trucks. So we headed down Clark to head to Wrigley Field we cut through alley through peoples gates all to get to Wrigley Field it was an adventure. Finally we made it to Wrigley Field. We made it to right in the center of all the action. There were no TV outside so the crowd was watching the game right outside of Wrigleyville sports and another sports bar. Every time something big happened the crowd would go crazy. What a scene it was. People had their phones out keep everyone who you were around updated on the game since we could not see the game from where we were at. I thought this was really cool people you have never meet all acting like they have known each other for years having a good time and cheer on a team that has captivated the city of Chicago. Then the game was delayed some people left to go to the bathroom. It was very calm then once the game got back underway the crowd was back into it. Cheering Cleveland sucks lets go cubs it was an electric atmosphere. The game went to extra inning and once the Cubs scored two runs in the 10th it had a feeling like this is going to be the year you could feel it in the air. Though must give credit to Cleveland they didn’t give up and scored a run in the bottom of the 10th. What happened next was a sign that this team was different then all the rest prior. The fans stayed calm and then the final out was recorded and everyone went completely nuts myself included. We were all screaming jumping up and down high fives all around me and my friend hugged we cried it was truly amazing. The scene was crazy people jump on statues high fiving each other champagne and alcohol everywhere. Dancing helicopters above us fireworks going off. People start a mosh pit throwing things it was nuts snapchats video all documenting the history that was made. I was proud because there was no riot where I was at. Now the fun part we headed back to Clark to where we were parked. People we cheer high fiving singing Go cubs Go running people dancing all over the street it was madness. I saw one guy climb a street post. Cars are honking going nuts we had to high five almost every car we passed. I saw 2 cars just stopped and people just partying. I was jumping up and down losing my mind at the fact that a team that had no won the big one did for the first time in over 108 years. I saw bike rider’s cars people all as happy as ever. We finally got to the parking garage we just looked down at the madness happening below it was truly amazing. I got in my car to head home. I decided why not so I decided to drive down Clark honking my car horn like a mad man. High fiving people talking to people to one guy in the car next to me I remember this very clearly he said “Did the cubs just win the world series” I said” That is the rumor” then we both yelled. Overall it was an amazing experience a once in a lifetime experience. #FLYTHEW #GOCUBSGO #WORLDSERIESCHAMPIONS-By Joe Zalewski

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