New Year New Country Radio

Happy New Year everybody and welcome to 2017. I was thinking of resolutions and lets see... I already go to the gym, I have a beautiful wife and a amazing son and I think Im a pretty awesome dad so starting a family wouldn't be one, I could probably stand to not order so much fast food, but that doesn't please anybody but myself and wallet. I have decided that in 2017, I will educate not just my loyal listeners but also the new ones. 

I see all too often, a Facebook post about some "Top 40 Country Pop" guy coming to a town near you. There are two reactions from this and it depends on your sex. 
Females: "OMG (Tag Friend) we are soooo going to have a BFF night!" 
MALE: "Country music sucks because Waylon, Willie, and Merle aren't writing and singing songs anymore."  
My reaction to both of these? UGH (FACE PALM) 

Now guys, I have to agree with you that what you hear on your local "Top 40" station isn't the country music we grew up on but to say country music in general sucks is just plain wrong. It's not country music that has changed. Its country radio that has changed and the reason why you ladies think these guys are hot is because they pander to you and you only.

When a guy like George Jones is told he is "Too country for country radio" makes me want to puke but thats country radio.  

Growing up in the 90s, I loved guys like Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt, and George Strait and I still do to this day because GUESS WHAT? They are still making music and they are telling radio stations to take their "Bro-Country" and stick it up their ass! 

Did you know that Alan Jackson came out with a new album in 2015 which is amazing top to bottom and I believe it's one of his better works. Judging by the sales, I bet you didn't and it really is a damn shame. 

So where my fellas at? Cause BOOM! Alan Jackson has a CD that I bet you haven't heard. George Strait has a brand new song he just did with Jamey Johnson that I bet you haven't heard. Im also gonna tell you that there are our artist who travel the country right now playing honky-tonks every night who write and sing their own songs that I bet you haven't heard.

The problem isn't country music, its country radio and thats something Im trying to change and over the course of this year, I will do just that!

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