Sam Elliot, at it again!



On a trip in Los Angeles and ran into the fabulous actor, dad and gentleman, “Sam Elliot”.  He first came out of the Tea shop, we made eye contact and nodded.  Then quietly inside I freaked out like, “Oh SH*T, was that SAM ELLIOT? DAMN, I love “RoadHouse”, “Tombstone”…and wow, dad loves him too!”  So I got up and walked around over to him and literally as i was approaching him about 7 feet away, the great Sam Elliot stands up and reaches out his hand and says “Hello BROTHER”, in that natural Elliot voice.  We shook hands, talked for 10 mins, he gave me his agents contact info and I left.  Go out and see “THE HERO” everyone, I believe this will be his biggest role ever!  Come on Academy Awards!!! 

What a down to earth human being, proud of you Mr. Elliot and congrats on “THE RANCH” AND “THE HERO”. 

BTW… keep your mind on clean thoughts, that’s his lovely daughter(she is super cool!) 


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