The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions

108 years that was the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. That is until November 2nd 2016. As a kid growing up I remember watching the Chicago Cubs. I remember guys like Sammy Sosa, Derek Lee, Moises Alou, Greg Maddux just to name a few. I remember how devastated I was when the cubs lost in 2003. Last year the Cubs made it to the playoffs and I thought could this be the year only to lose in the NLCS as they were swept in 4 game by the New York Mets. This year the Cubs seemed to have that if factor. There was something about this team that made them special you felt like this year was going to be different from previous years and HOLY COW were we right. The Cubs made it to the World Series for the first time since 1945. What a series it was the cubs were down 3-1 only to come back and win 2 games to force a game 7. Now when I was young I made a promise to myself if the Cubs had a chance to win the World Series I was going to be in Chicago and at Wrigley Field. So last night I was in that crazy scene known as Wrigley Field. Now there we no TV outside so everyone had their phones out keeping everyone up to date on the game. I remember how excited I was in the top of the 10th when the Cubs scored those 2 runs I was thinking this is finally going to be the year. That this was a team of destiny. Only to get to 2 outs in the bottom of the 10th Cubs leading by 2 and the Indians scored a run. Now this was something special when something goes wrong cubs fans usually say here we go again. Not this time everyone stayed calm and once they go that final out. Wrigley exploded I have never screamed or seen anything like it. The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions the long wait is over. 108 years later and the CHICAGO CUBS ARE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!
By Joe Zalewski

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