The Legacy Of The Comeback Kid

The greatest comeback in sports history was made by the greatest dynasty in Football this past Sunday. Being down 25 points halfway through the 3rd quarter, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots had to look adversity in the eye one more time. The high-scoring offense of the Atlanta Falcons had made the game 28-3, making this comeback seem like something that can only happen in a Hollywood film, but with Brady having the ball in his hands, anything is possible. 

The Patriots cut in to the lead by scoring a touchdown but then missing the extra point making the game 28-9 going in to the 4th quarter. But in a 3rd-and-1 situation with 8:24 to play, Matt Ryan stepped back, looked to his left only to realize that the pressure from Dont’a Hightower was coming from his right side. Clean hit, Ryan fumbles and the Patriots take over at the Falcons’ 25-yard line. The Patriots converted that fumble in to 8 points making the game 28-20. All of a sudden, the “impossible” comeback seemed indeed, very possible. 

On the Falcons’ next possession, Julio Jones made a spectacular catch down the sidelines which looked to seal the game and win it all for Atlanta. But a few plays later, “Matty Ice” and the Falcons were pushed out of field goal range after getting sacked multiple times and overthrowing easy completions. The ball was in New England’s possession once more. 

It was now 1st-and-10 with 2:27 to play in regulation. Brady looked down the middle and found Julian Edelman, threw a laser, pass was broken up by Robert Alford but the ball landed on his foot, Edelman was the fastest to react to the still catchable ball and snatched it up before it hit the ground. It was officially ruled a catch but unofficially ruled the greatest catch in Super Bowl history (Giants and Steelers fans would disagree). The Patriots marched down the field and tied up the game 28-28 after being down 25 points a quarter and a half ago. 

The first overtime ever in a Super Bowl was upon us and of course Tom Brady had to be featured. The Patriots won the toss and elected to receive.. at that point, everyone knew what was going to happen. Tom Brady orchestrated a trademark game-winning drive in overtime. James White topped it off with a 2-yard rush to the goal line. Game over. New England did it again. They didn’t give the best offense in football a chance to get the ball. 

5-time Super Bowl winner and a 4-time Super Bowl MVP. The legacy of the comeback kid Tom Brady is set in stone in NFL and Super Bowl history books.-Alex Perez

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