The New Way To Weigh In

As far as the new way that MMA and the UFC conduct their 
weigh-ins.... I'm a huge fan. I love that fighters are now weighed in the morning before the fight right in their hotel lobbies. This is great for many reasons. 1= Fighters now have a full 36 hours to rehydrate instead of the old method which only allowed fighters around 20 hours to recover from the stress of cutting weight. 2= The UFC still televises the weigh-ins however instead of fighters walking up to the scale, disrobing, getting on the scale and often times having this process take upwards of 3 minutes per fighter now fighters simple walk right on stage, step on a mock scale, Joe Rogan says their earlier recorded weight and they step aside to face off with their opponent. This is a case of the UFC getting it right. -Mike Straus

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