UFC Houston Fight Night 104 Re Cap

Fight Pass Prelims 

Daniel Jolly VS Khalil Roundtree Jr. – It only took Roundtree 52 seconds to end the night of the home town favorite Jolly. Two perfectly placed knee strikes, one to Jolly’s head, the other to his upper chest. 

Alex Morono VS Niko Price – Morono had a lot of hype coming in, he won his first two fights in the UFC and this fight would be in his own backyard of Houston. Price made his debut in Dec against Brandon Thatch and arm triangle choked him out. The 1st round Morono got his striking off before Price and won the round easily. The 2nd round more of the same but about half way through the round Price picked it up and just as the bell sounded Price put Morono to sleep. Scary KO. 

FS1 Prelims 

Tecia Torres VS Bec Rawlings – This was a rematch from their time on The Ultimate Fighter were Torres got the decision on that night. More of the same on this night in Houston where she scored a unanimous decision win against Rawlings. The most exciting part of this fight was in round 3, were Rawlings threw the bird to the fans in attendance. 

Ricardo Ramos VS Michinori Tanaka – Ramos is a Brazilian fighter making his UFC debut, and Tanaka is a veteran of 4 UFC fights. Ramos comes out striking effective in round 1 almost gets the finish. Round 2 Ramos showing his BJJ off, switching positions and chaining submissions up with ease. As round 3 starts Tanaka looks like the fresher fighter. Tanaka starts to land some good strikes, in this, the last round of the fight. The fight ends with Tanaka on top of Ramos dropping big punches. Unanimous decision win for Ramos. 

Chas Skelly VS Chris Gruetzemacher – The first round was a boring wrestling match with Skelly on top most the round. This was the fight to take a bathroom break during. Skelly landed some nice punches before taking the back of Gritz and choking him out in round 2. 

Adam Milstead VS Curtis Blaydes – Who doesn’t love the heavyweights? Blaydes suplexed Milstead multiple times and rode his back in the early part of round 1. Blaydes stayed heavy on Milstead the entire round all the time peppering Milstead with punches and knees. Milstead completely blows his knee out in round 2 the fight is stopped via a verbal submission. Milstead tweaked his knee in round 1, but his corner let him go out and compete in round 2. Not a good decision, it’s an unfortunate part of the sport. 

FS1 Main Card 

Jessica Andrade VS Angela Hill – Andrade is the biggest betting favorite on the card tonight, I picked Hill to win the fight though. Andrade has some heavy hands, catching Hill against the cage several times in round 1. It looks like Hill has nothing in her arsenal that can hurt Andrade. Round 2 Hill changing things up, going low with kicks, working in some clinch work and footwork. Hill has a hell of a chin. Some good elbows by Hill at the end of round 2. The first minute of round 3 both fighters open with crazy wild striking. Great fight, could be fight of the night. Round 3 was back and forth, Andrade doing more damage but Hill was game and fought back till the end of round 3. Andrade takes a unanimous decision victory. 

Anthony Hamilton VS Marcel Fortuna – Big gash opens over the right eye of Fortuna in the first minute of round 1. (Gash caused by accidental head clash) Fortuna looks comfortable in his UFC debut and lands a huge overhand right on the button of Hamilton. That’s all she wrote, walk off KO by Fortuna. 

Ovince Saint Preux VS Volkan Oezdemir – Oezdemir comes out firing away with punches and kicks to the head of OSP. These guys are trading shots. Oezdemir is finding a home for his overhand right. Oezdemir showing no signs of UFC jitters, clinching OSP against the cage for a large part of the opening round. OSP landing some shots at the start of round 2, neither guy can take the other down. Output slows from both fighters and the crowd lets them hear it with a chorus of boos. The fighters trade body kicks at the 2:00 mark of round 2. Again, both fighters appear to be gassing out and still a round to go. Half way through round 3 and neither fighter throwing any significant combinations, more of single punches and kicks. The crowd letting them have it again. Both guys throwing till the end. I picked Oezdemir to win this fight, let’s see what the judges think. Oezdemir by split decision, I agree. 

James Vick VS Abel Trujillo – The first two minutes of round 1 was a case of too much respect, both fighters not throwing any real punches. Trujillo with a takedown and right away Vick grabs Trujillo’s neck for a guillotine. Both fighters back on their feet, Vick throwing very nice combinations. Round 2 Trujillo having to deal with the reach advantage of Vick, he is doing so by rushing Vick and clipping him a few times. There is such a height advantage that it looks like there in different weight classes. Round 3 starts and Vick blasts Trujillo with a flying knee, Trujillo hurt bad, fights off Vick for a few moments but Vick locks in another darce choke. Trujillo taps out fight over. 

Alexa Grasso VS Felice Herrig – Both women starting a bit slow, trying to find their rhythm and range. Herrig landing a huge punch that drops Grasso, a quick scramble on the ground and Grasso almost locked in a heel hook. Herrig getting the better of Grasso throughout round 1 on the feet. Herrig’s standup looks much improved, she has always had decent hands, but she has taken it to the next level here. Round 2 more of the same. Both women exchanging on their feet. Neither women really landing any significant damage, Herrig is repeatedly landing her overhand right however. Through two rounds Grasso’s best weapon has been her outside leg kicks, welts now visible all over Herrig’s thighs. Round 3 Perhaps feeling that she is down on the score cards, Grasso comes out with an assortment of switch kicks, spinning kicks, and high kicks. Herrig continues to be the cleaner striker on the feet. Grasso feeling the urgency now with 2:00 minutes left in the fight. Herrig fighting smart at the end of this fight. Perhaps the best fight of Herrig’s career. Hopefully the judges get this right. I scored this fight 30/27 for Herrig. I can see someone scoring it 29/28 for Herrig, but no more than that. The judges got it right unanimous decision win for Herrig. Not a lot of people saw this happening, she was a huge underdog. Good for her. 


Dennis Bermudez VS Chan Sung Jung – Both fighters landing their jab early in round 1. Neither fighter able to take the other down. From out of nowhere Jung (Zombie) slips Bermudez’s jab and delivers a fight ending uppercut that sends the referee in immediately to stop the fight. Wow, that’s was quick, after a three and a half year layoff, the Korean Zombie KO’s the number 9 ranked featherweight in the UFC. -Mike Straus

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