UFC Weight Issues

It makes absolutely no sense why the UFC has such a discrepancy when it comes to the amount of weight in between some of the classes. Now one thing I love about the UFC is that it doesn't have 100 different weight classes and titles like boxing. Be that as it may there are some gaps in weight that need to be addressed. To start with the heaviest you can weigh in at in the light heavyweight division is 205lbs. Ok, but the next option for a fighter to weigh in at is 265lbs which is heavyweight. That 60lb difference mine as well be 100lbs. What the UFC should do is add a 225lb class, they could call it heavyweight. Then they could rebrand the 265lb class super heavyweight and finally add a 300lb weight class and call it titan class. That would of course be just a start because the lighter weight classes all need some major overhauling and restructuring. One of the extra benefits in adding more classes or perhaps the UFC's new owners true motives would be additional revenue that more weight classes/titles would generate. Time will tell what the UFC decides to do with the weight classes but being that the new ownership group is eager to make some of the 4 billion dollars back that they spent on the purchase of the sports franchise this seems like a logical move.-Mike Straus

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