What have we bun?

So, a few weeks ago I did a segment on the show (BucksTown Radio, Weds 4-6p) about the summer’s latest fashion ‘craze’. It’s called the RompHim, a male version of the popular garment for ladies. Well, it appears that the wave of being trendy has hit Mattel. The makers of the famous “Barbie” toyline introduced their upcoming line of dolls featuring many new skin tones and hairstyles. That second one is what caught most of the attention. Among the many new hairdos, is one that is maybe is the most debated since cornrows in the boardroom (see NBA). That’s right the ‘man-bun’ is making its presence felt. Ol Barb’s longtime beau Ken will be sporting the look and its as hilarious as it sounds. The only thing that would make this any more ridiculous is if they included the RompHim as Kenneth’s wardrobe item of choice. Maybe even include a fidget spinner! Wait, did I just come up with a genius marketing plan? Time will tell how any of these items succeed long term, but for now ‘hilarious’ comes to mind when I think about it all. Also, if they run with my marketing idea, this shall serve as proof to my creating it. Agreed?


-Josh Buckhalter

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