Why the UFC Is Falling Apart

I am a huge mixed martial arts fan. I am not one of these bandwagon fans that decided the sport of MMA was cool because Conor McGregor or Ronda Rousey. I have been a diehard fan since the very first UFC event in 1993, I have also practiced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu reaching the level of blue belt. This is all fine and dandy, but the point I want to make here is that the new owners of the UFC are destroying something I love. No different than watching someone slowly ruin your favorite band or television show. The new owners of the UFC are WME-IMG, that stands for William Morris Endeavor. They are a massive media conglomerate that paid 4 billion dollars for the premier MMA organization. They obviously know how to run an entertainment and media corporation, but they are quickly showing they know absolutely nothing about running a MMA company. From the moment WME-IMG purchased the UFC they began making suspect moves, they fired long time employees Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell, they starting creating these “fake” interim titles, and they have been releasing fighters on their rosters to reduce their overhead. That’s fine, but when you start releasing fighters that are relevant and are top fighters in their respected weight classes so you can keep other fighters around that are not as talented but draw more PPV buys; then there is a credibility issue that needs to be addressed. Look, I’m not trying to tell anyone how to run their organization, but when your interest is no longer putting on the best fights and the fights that fans want to see, but instead is solely to make money, then yes there is a problem. The days of Zuffa llc are gone and I know I’m not the only one who wishes the Fertitta brothers to get back in the MMA game. The bright side of this WME debacle is that this opens the door even further for other MMA promotions like Bellator to jump in and capitalize on their mistakes.-Mike Straus

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