Wrangler NFR

My beautiful wife wanted to grab a pic of me
and the 1990 Turquoise Circuit "All Around"
 Rookie of the Year.  
First off, Happy Holidays to everybody and no i didn't chose not to say Merry Christmas because of the PC Millennials. Christmas is one day and that is the 25th of December but the "Holidays" last all month long. Speaking of things that feel like they last all month long, how about the ten day Wrangler NFR?!? We saw some of the biggest and baddest Cowboys and Cowgirls light up the Thomas and Mack Center for ten straight nights in Las Vegas and I sure am glad I picked the first weekend to go. If you have never been to NFR, you are missing a hell of a party. Las Vegas turns into "Cowboy Town" with a little bit of Christmas flare. We met plenty of participants and families throughout the four days we were there and saw some great country music concerts at the NFR after parties. So make sure you grab your tickets, mark your calendars, and book your rooms for next year cause December 7th - 16th of 2017 will be here before you know it!

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