So my story begins with one of my first interests, hockey. I started skating around the age of 2-3 and started playing hockey when i was around 4-5. I loved the game like crazy, i looked forward to going to practice every thursday and was always outside playing street hockey with my friends. Around 5th grade I got tired of playing so much that i took a break for a while and didn't really get back into it until highschool rolled around and found out that we had a hockey team and so i tried out. Me and two of my friends always had a blast playing in the street with each other and decided to try out together and we all made the team. So we would always carpool going to games and whatnot and just having a great time doing it. So sophomore year i had herd about this class called “Media” and to be honest i only joined because there was about 25 macs in there and it seemed like an awesome class, so i took it. My first day I absolutely fell in love with it and around that time i started to play guitar and so when we made a music video i just brought in my guitar and filmed myself playing. I took three years of media and wanted to go i to the industry for work and then over the summer decided to go to Illinois Media School then the rest is history.

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