The 2017 Baseball Season Is Heating Up 

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   As we get into the final month of the 2017 regular season for Major League Baseball things are starting to heat up. We already had a great month of August following Giancarlo Stanton tying the record for most home runs in the month of August at 18. He currently has 54 home runs this season becoming only the 28th player in Major League history to hit 50 or more home runs in a single season. He is currently on pace to hit 62 home runs. 

     With the season coming to a close we saw the Cleveland Indians also make history as well. They just tied the American League record for longest win streak at 20 games. One more win and the Indians will tie the record of 21 wins in a row set by the Cubs in 1935. One more interesting record that was set this year was by the Dodgers. With their recent drought they became the first team in a single season during separate 16 game periods to win 15 of 16 and also lose 15 of 16. 

    Seeing these 2 teams set their own respective records whether good or bad it reminds me how the baseball season is not a sprint it is a marathon. A few months ago it would have been inconceivable that there would even be a chance that the Dodgers could finish second in their division. They still have a lead of 10 games as of the time of this writing but there are still more than 2 full weeks of baseball left and anything is possible. Fall is my personal favorite time of year not just simply for the weather but also to see the chase to get into the MLB playoffs. With only 3 teams having been mathematically eliminated almost everyone still has something to root for. So enjoy the cool weather, the leaves changing and your favorite team in the hunt for October.

Greg Guther, Chicago Indy 


I recently discovered an app for my phone that I absolutely love. It is called WTForecast. It is a weather app that gives you a very sarcastic outlook on the current weather conditions. Its not a fully featured weather app like Weather Bug, however the way it delivers its forecast is where this app really shines. Every time I decide I need a good quick laugh I open up this app. I have had forecasts such as "The sun harbors bad thoughts towards you. Is that weird?" or "it's warm, so you'd better stay hydrated. Just remember, beer has a lot of water in it." If your'e looking for a good laugh definitely give this app a try.. If you do send me the screen caps of your favorite forecasts on twitter @chicago_indy I cannot wait to see some of your forecasts! 

*This app does contain adult language


Incubus is easily one of, if not my favorite band. So needless to say when they released the first single off of their forthcoming album I was excited to hear it. Mike Einziger and Brandon Boyd have both come out and stated that their new album "8" will have Incubus returning back to their roots. If their new single "Nimble Bastard" is any indication of what is to come April can not come soon enough. Have a listen hope you enjoy it!




I'm sure everyone has some memory of their childhood that involves Mario. The very first Super Mario Bros. game may in fact be the best video game ever made. Period. About a year ago Nintendo released something that every fan of the Super Mario Bros. franchise had been dreaming about for years. The ability to make their own Mario levels in a game called Super Mario Maker. Players can make their levels as hard or as easy as they want and share their creations with the world. One gamer on YouTube has been challenging himself with some of the most difficult levels the internet has to offer, and let me tell you these levels will test even the most seasoned gamer. Go check out Carlsagan42 and see some of the craziness people have come up with.






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