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Lucas the Spider

The image here is probably pretty close to what you think of when you start thinking about spiders right? Large menacing creatures that are usually the basis of most nightmares or horror flicks. What if I told you that a spider could be something that would make you go "awww"? Well an animator by the name of Joshua Slice set out to do just that. He created the character Lucas the Spider to much bigger fanfare than he could have possibly imagined. I'm a huge fan of these videos and I'm sure you will too. The…

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New Album from Hawthorne Heights

Hawthorne Heights just set a release date for their new album called bad frequencies. With this announcement they released another single from the album called "Pink Hearts". Before this they released a single for the album called "Push Me Away". Both of these singles were fantastic in my opinion. A lot of people have been praising this album for them going back to their roots in reference to "Silence in Black and White" and "If Only You Were Lonely". I don't think this is true, every album they have…

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Commissioner Roger Goodell Answers Questions During A Press Conference

Roger Goodell and the NFL continue to make themselves look bad by stating they will seek to fine Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys 2 million dollars. The fine is for the combination of legal fees when Jones questioned whether Goodell deserved such a hefty pay raise and then threatened to sue the remaining owners for giving him the extension. I'm not sure what legal fees were accrued during this time because the case was never heard in court however there is a rule stating basically if you sue another team…

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Last Days At The Wit Gaming

The last few days of Wit Gaming were just this last week. Between Super smash Brothers, Magic the Gathering, Counter Strike, Overwatch, and countless fighting games I have met so many wonderful people. During the last days, everyone who was part of the community joined together for a last hurrah. The most eventful night was Friday where the Last "ASH at Wit" was held, a Super Smash Brothers Melee and Project M tournament with well over 100 people. Old Friends came and new friends were met. Probably the most…

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If you have yet to check out Black Panther, the Marvel comic turned movie, you are really missing out on an experience of a lifetime.... 

Prior to the release of the movie, most were not aware of the Black Panther comic strip that first surfaced in 1966. 

Black Panther is the story of a young Prince turned King of Wakanda after his father is murdered.  

T'Challa is a royal descendent of a warrior race who is also a master of armed combat with the ability to use a variety of weapons but prefers unarmed…

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