Lucas the Spider

The image here is probably pretty close to what you think of when you start thinking about spiders right? Large menacing creatures that are usually the basis of most nightmares or horror flicks. What if I told you that a…

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New Album from Hawthorne Heights

Hawthorne Heights just set a release date for their new album called bad frequencies. With this announcement they released another single from the album called "Pink Hearts". Before this they released a single for the album called "Push Me Away"…

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Last Days At The Wit Gaming

The last few days of Wit Gaming were just this last week. Between Super smash Brothers, Magic the Gathering, Counter Strike, Overwatch, and countless fighting games I have met so many wonderful people. During the last days, everyone who was…

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If you have yet to check out Black Panther, the Marvel comic turned movie, you are really missing out on an experience of a lifetime.... 

Prior to the release of the movie, most were not aware of the Black…

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