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Delight – A strong feeling of happiness; great pleasure or satisfaction; something that gives you great pleasure or satisfaction; makes you happy

Sounds of Dee-light - Bruno Mars $1 Mil Donation 

It seems that Bruno Mars is not waiting until he becomes a Billionaire, to help others in their time of crisis. Mr 24 K Magic announced in the middle of a recent performance on his current tour that he donated $1M to aid the citizens in Flint, MI, who are still engulfed in a water supply crisis. In a statement about the donation, he stated, "As people, especially as Americans, we need to stand together to make sure something like this never happens in any community ever again." You can the k out the full article  at: 


Love truly is THE SUPER POWER! 

Dee-Dee Mathis

Be Careful Little Children What You Say.....on Social Media 

Want to share an update? How do you feel? 

What’s happening? Are you at XYZ Restaurant/Bar/Club? 

These are questions that we see every time we open up 

our Social Media Apps. We’re encouraged to share 

our innermost thoughts and feelings with all of our 

friends. Unfortunately, over sharing is a very real thing 

on Social Media sites. Maybe you’re just frustrating a 

friend with a rant or 1 more picture of Fluffy the 

cat licking her paws in the most absurd place in your home. 

Maybe you’re talking about the people that frustrate you most. 

I often look at posts and preface what someone is saying 

with, “Dear Public Diary,”. While it may be fun or freeing to 

say what we feel and have other people validate it or even 

argue it, sometimes over sharing can cost you a relationship or 

even a job. A job????? Don’t believe it? Well check out the link 

below from People.com about 20 people that lost their jobs 

over Social Media posts: 


Dee-Dee Mathis

The Prince Experience 

Although it has been just over a year, it still seems impossible to 

believe that the Purple One, Prince, has passed away. Fans have spent this last year 

absorbed in his music that is now, ironically, available on every musical 

outlet created by man or re-watching his movies. Others have found 

another way to keep him around – watching Prince tribute bands. One such 

band, The Prince Experience has been touring the country, giving people 

a chance to recapture the feeling of seeing Prince in concert. 

Tomorrow night, on what would have been Prince’s 59th birthday, 

The Prince Experience will no doubt be pulling out all of the stops during their 

performance at the House of Blues in Chicago. Tickets are still available for 

tomorrow’s show.