“Rythmn Syndicate” founder - Joe “Dj Rythmn” Woodson, has been the the Chicago music scene for 26 years.  He moved to Chicago for the first time in 1994. Although he has moved away for Gigs in Missouri, Minnesota, and Florida, he has always come back to where his heart is. He’s started out as a “Party” Dj playing open formats at clubs like Shoeless Joe’s, Dakota’s, and Boogie Nights. Then his love for house and hip hop took over he joined Chicago MIxmaster’s with Dj Martin “Boogieman” Luna, Dj Finesse, Fast Eddie and Alex Pierce, landing him residencies a Alumni Club Buzz, Fuze, Leg Room, Vision, and Spy Bar to name a few.


Now at age 47 he is still going strong in the Northwest suburbs and Studying at IMS to branch into broadcasting to bring his flair for programing and love of music to everyone. Here We Go!