The Morning Vibe

DJ Jahari Born and raised in Chicago, IL. Born inspired with music in his blood. His Father is a well-known drummer from Chicago and his Mother gifted in creativity as a Chef. “I have always been inspired for as long as I can remember, It all started in the church the first time I sat behind a drum set. I knew music was my calling.” Classically trained to play the trumpet, piano, guitar, tuba,and drums. “The first time I stepped in a recording studio as a teenager I knew it was where I belonged.” Writing poetry at an early age he became a DJ, producer, and a songwriter.“I remember the 1st beat I ever made, it was dope to me. I knew I had a long way to go but eventually I created a sound that would set me apart from other producers and I still stick to that formula in my production today.” His inspiration today is just as strong as it was when he started DJing/producing. “My ultimate goal is to create a brand new formula for the DJ’s and music producer’s to succeed in today’s music industry. We have way more opportunity and control then it used to be. We are the culture and if I can inspire any fellow artist, producers, songwriters, creatives, or visionaries. Then I have served my purpose. Only thing left to say JahariPlayTheBeat!!!”